A highly personalized, direct approach to revolutionizing your practice.

Focus on leadership, systems, and team engagement


It starts with a full, one-day session at Dr. Pearce’s Florida home. It will be a true meeting of the minds to determine where your practice stands right now, what your goals are, and your time line for achieving them. Not only will you and Dr. Pearce get to know each other, but this will be the start of our partnership. Dr. Pearce will learn about your personality, your work ethic, the type of dentistry you enjoy practicing, what you believe are your strengths, and which areas you think could use improvement. This will allow him to design a customized plan of action that conforms to the unique needs of your practice.


Dr. Pearce will then join you at your office for a full day of observation. He’ll learn what you are doing right as a leader and where your leadership skills may be lacking. He’ll also meet your team members, learn how each one contributes to the practice, and gain insight into how they feel about their roles and what would make them feel more like part of a team.


For the next nine months, you will have weekly hour-long video chats to talk about how well things are going and strategic next steps. These ongoing, one-on-one coaching sessions will build on your strengths and help you become you a better leader. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to motivate, inspire, and engage each person on your team.


To supplement the personalized weekly coaching sessions, you’ll also have access to Pearce’s 500-page manual, a valuable resource that focuses not just on learning, but also on creating entirely new systems for managing the clinical and administrative aspects of your practice. The information you gain can be shared with your team immediately to create buy-in and ownership of changes and improvements.


Together, you and Dr. Pearce will develop a blueprint to transform your practice into one that is not only financially successful but that also runs smoothly, where each team member feels recognized for their contribution and inspired to do the best they can. More and more patients will accept comprehensive treatment each year, and you will watch your annual revenue grow beyond your goals.

Destination: Success

No roadmap is complete without a destination, and yours will be financial independence, likely years before you thought it would be possible. There will also be huge benefits along the way, such as increased revenue, more time off, and other perks for you and your team.

Your dream practice is achievable. It won’t happen overnight, and it will take commitment on your part. But Dr. Pearce will be there to coach and guide you. Before long, making the right strategic choices will become second nature, and you’ll wonder why you ever did things differently. Your patients will thank you, your loyal staff will thank you, and you’ll thank yourself for not putting off the chance to make your practice prosperous and rewarding.