Hear More About Other Practice's Ultimate Success in Dentistry

Professional Experience Matters


Hear More About Other Practice's Ultimate Success in Dentistry

Professional Experience Matters

Dr. Pearce is very pragmatic and analytical of being very, very specific with what your goals are, what you want to accomplish and then making it happen.

– Dr. Daniel Klauer

He is wonderful at making you feel safe in decisions. I just can’t say enough good things about what he has done for me and in my life.

– Dr. Andrew Bartish

He grew a wildly successful practice. So he had been boots on the ground. He had walked-the-walk. He had seen what works and what doesn’t and then he communicated really well to me how to implement those systems to help our practice.

– Dr. Lee Brown

To me, Dr. Pearce, you know, he’s lived it. The biggest thing that I think about him is that he has already figured it all out and he has done it in his own business. So you can take what he says to the bank, because it works. Because he did it.

– Dr. Aaron Vickers

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As an employee working for Dr. Pearce, what I liked most about his leadership was his committed passion for helping patients have a new life by fixing their teeth and smile.

I have worked in numerous dental offices, and his coaching style allowed me to accept “constructive criticism” for the first time in my life. This was because he was respectful of me yet expected more of me than I realized I could be. In the past, I always felt stupid with my employers, not at all with Dr P. He created a team where he was always optimistic, showed his appreciation for the entire team and was good at communicating what he wanted the office to be.

– Christina Sprague

I respect Dr. Pearce as a leader because he could be trusted.

He always has high standards for himself and everyone around him and that created a great place to work where we did high end, top notch dentistry, had a solid team that worked together, and the business was financially set. What I have learned by working with Dr. Pearce is to be a better listener, not to interrupt or jump into a conversation. My confidence has grown in my ability to present large treatment plans to patients on my own and how to ask good questions that encourage patients to tell me more about themselves and what is stopping them from truly changing their lives with the dentistry we can do for them.

– Jodi Samson

What I liked best about working for Dr. Pearce was that he encouraged me to share my ideas. He was always approachable and open to feedback.

Sometimes, there would be an interpersonal issue in the office and unlike many other employers I have had, Dr. Pearce would get the issues out in the open so we could all discuss it. Those conversations were sometimes difficult, but Dr. Pearce had a way of helping everyone feel heard and we were always a stronger team because he had us talk together. Additionally, Dr. Pearce guides the team, not force the team. He led with a purpose and helped each of us understand what we were supposed to do so we could reach our goals.

– Sara Prickett

Christina - Team member
Jodi - team member
Sara - team member

In working with Dr. Pearce I definitely felt like I started to get a little bit of a bigger vision… Working with someone who has been there, done that, figured it out, I feel like it just kind of speeds up the learning curve.

– Dr. Rachel Malin

Basically, I saw his practice as where I wanted my practice to be. I figured he was probably about 10 years ahead of me. So he’s a great resource helping me figure out what that path is and maybe accelerate it, so maybe it doesn’t take me 10 years to get there; I can get there in a couple.

– Dr. Justin Barber

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